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Sex Toys Tips and Advice

Vibrators for beginners

There is a wide range of high tech sex toys available nowadays. It is hard sometimes to know how to choose the right sex toy, or exactly what you need in order to satisfy yourself or your partner. In this section we’ll be giving you some tips and advice on sex toys and how to use them.

Starting with Vibrators

Vibrators are fascinating self-pleasure aids that can provide enormous additional pleasure. Vibrators are not designed simply for solo use or as a substitute for sex they are also for couples. If you’re new to vibes and intimidated by the big dildos, then one setting beginner’s models are great to start with. Take a deep breath and explore with your fingers what feels good. If you feel you like to focus on your clit, then try to start with a vibrator meant for clitoral stimulation.


Tips for Sensitive Inner Labia

For those who have sensitive inner labia and vaginal opening, then vibration can bring this feeling to a whole new level. There are some great realistically sized vibes, which will feel great entering you. You might want to go for length, as a longer vibe will give you better grip and maneuver and the ability to change vibration settings without stopping. Multispeed vibrators let you focus on your most nerve-rich erogenous spot by slowly increasing the intensity. Even a little change is enough, as too much can capsize an orgasm. Always start slow, build toward a climax, instead of rapidly changing speed and intensity.


Super Sensitive Clitoris?

If you have too much clitoral head sensitivity and can’t handle any vibration, even on the lowest level, then this is where the penetrative in-and-out function of dildos is great. Dildos normally come in two styles that you may want to consider before buying one. Abstract dildos are generally sleek and may be phallic in shape. Realistic dildos are explicitly modeled after penises. They may have veins, be skin-toned, etc.


Tips on Using Dildos

Dildos are not just for penetrative in-and-out function. Use it to stroke your outer labia and clitoris. Gyrating along these pleasure points while steadily increasing pressure will push your desire to the tipping point, so once you penetrate, you'll deliver orgasm-inducing thrusts.


Tips to Explore your G-spot

G-spot stimulators target the spongy, sensitive area in your upper vaginal wall, approximately 2 inches from the opening. A classic curved, or dick-shaped vibrator is a great way to explore your G-spot, but some straight-up phallic vibrators should reach your magic spot as well. There are special vibes with a curve, but you need to get the right angle and size.  

Unlike the clitoral orgasms, G-spot orgasms come from strategic pressure, not size, so remember that picking the right position is crucial! To put the right pressure on your G-spot, you should be on your back, with your knees resting on her chest.


Tips on Using Rabbit Vibrators

Rabbit vibrators have been popular ever since “Sex in the City”. Rabbit is a penis-shaped vibrator with a bunny attachment that will tickle your clit. The best way to try this out is to start with our basic pink rabbit vibrator with hot pink clit-tickling butterfly that brings heavenly dual pleasure. Rabbits are also great for couples, when your male partner (could be a female with a strap-on) is standing at the edge of the bed with you laying down and your feet are on his shoulders, or you could be on top and double your pleasure.


Adult Toys for Boys

One of the greatest sex toys for men are cock rings. They are absolutely wonderful and those who never tried it must give it a go to experience powerful orgasm! These magical rings take advantage of the vascular system to keep blood in the penis for a sustained erection and a more powerful orgasm. When you’re ready to orgasm, you simply remove the cock ring and enjoy. This quick removal is achieved best with velcro or a snap. Some cock rings even have vibrators, which can stimulate your partner’s clit during penetration.


Cleaning lotions

Sex Toy Cleaning And Care Guide

1. Hygiene and sanitation of sex toys

Sex toys need to be cleaned after use in order to prevent the growth of bacteria on them which can lead to nasty infections the next time they are used. If you are going to be sharing your sex toys with a partner the most hygienic thing to do is to use a condom on the toy. This makes them easier to clean, stops infection being passed between partners and means that porous sex toys such as those made from nu-skin, last a lot longer. Non-porous sex toys are the easiest to clean, the can be washed in warm water with soap and that’s all the need. Porous sex toys such as jelly sex toys are more difficult to clean; using sex toy cleaners is the best way to keep them clean and hygienic.

2. How to store your toys

Storing sex toys is important to consider in order to keep your sex toys in a good condition for as long as possible. If you are storing toys that are powered by batteries then you should always take out the batteries before you put them away. The last thing you want is having battery acid leak in your toys. Always clean your sex toys before you store them, check them for damage before they are put away and make sure they are completely dry before they are stored. If you have more than one sex toy then you should store them all separately. Lots of sex toys often come with their own pouches or boxes to store them in.


3. Travel tips for sex toys

Depending on where and how you are travelling will depend on which sex toys that you can transport. Carrying them in hand luggage is not the best idea, however packing them into suitcases will mean that toys are unlikely to be confiscated. You should check the law of the country or location you are travelling to to make sure that the sex toys you are planning to transport are legal otherwise you may find yourself in more trouble than they are worth. Removing the batteries before you travel is also essential.


4. Batteries: what would you do if the battery runs down unexpectedly?

The obvious answer to this is to just change the batteries, however if you are in the middle of foreplay or in the middle of sex, stopping to change the batteries may not be the best way to keep the arousal alive, in fact it may just completely kill the mood. Rechargeable batteries are slightly larger than standard batteries and can get stuck so are not an ideal choice. The best way to stop batteries running down during sex is to use new batteries every time you use your toy.

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