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Guide to Buying Sex Toys And Personal Lubes

How To Choose Your First Sex Toy

Buying your first sex toy can actually change your life. It can open you up a whole new world of self-pleasing experience and, most importantly help you to better understand your own temple, your own body and what works for you.

Choosing your first sex toy however can be a bit overwhelming experience, and that is where my advice becomes useful. This brief guide will tell you what toys are available and how they can be used so that you are well equipped to make that decision all for yourself.

When looking at choosing your first sex toy, it is important to realise that what other people may say they chose first won’t be the best thing for you to use. Sex toys are, as you would expect, very personal. Knowing what you find pleasurable during sex, positions you enjoy, fantasies that you have will all play a part in helping you decide what sex toy you should experiment with first. Around 80% of women only reach orgasm through clitoral stimulation alone, so for most women a vibrating toy is the ideal beginners purchase. Equally your sexual experience, relationship status and reasons for wanting to use sex toys will also be important considerations.

If you are getting sex toys to spice up sex in a long term relationship or marriage, then you will need to talk to your partner about your different needs and desires than if you are single and wanting to enhance your ability to pleasure yourself. Looking at the different sex toys and deciding to try them all is a very expensive way of going through trial and error. Sticking with basic sex toys is often a good strategy, especially if you really don’t know what you are looking for, such as vibrating cock rings, vibrating conventional dildos or inflatable dolls.


Sex toy materials

Guide To Sex Toy Materials

Glass is a material that is becoming increasingly popular, not only because of the firmness of the material, the ability for it to be shaped but also because of the cold shock when the sex toy is inserted. The difference in temperature between the body and the cold glass sex toy, especially realistic shaped dildos, can be extremely erotic, especially if it is then replaced by the warmth of the real thing.

Silicone is hypoallergenic and fantastic at warming up to body temperature really quickly when it’s being used. It’s non-porous so is far easier to clean than some of the other materials and doesn’t feel as synthetic as rubber. If you are using lubricant with the sex toys, silicone based lubricants can damage the material, but otherwise the toys will last for yours and are much less hassle to keep clean and even sterilise.

Rubber is one of the materials that people associate with fetish toys and outfits rather than a base material for sex toys. Rubber is also known as thermoplastic rubber, a polymer that is hypo-allergenic, phthalate free and not toxic. It is less synthetic feeling than silicone but is also more porous so is harder to clean and toys made from it are generally used with condoms to stop bacterial growth and extend the lifetime of the toys.

Latex is a firm and durable material for sex toys, but toys made from latex often feel with synthetic and not very realistic. It is mainly used in the production of dildos to made firm and non-wobbly dildos. If you are allergic to latex, then do not buy or use toys that are made from latex as they can cause severe allergic reactions. If you don’t have a latex allergy and need a firm sex toy that will last a long time, then latex is a good choice for material.

Plastic is one of the easiest materials to clean and is used to make strong and rigid vibrators. They tend to make very smooth sex toys, though they do feel synthetic when in use as they tend not to retain heat or warm up as quickly as other materials do. However if you want a long lasting vibrator that is easy to clean, then one made from plastic won’t let you down.

Jelly is the cheapest and most versatile of all the materials used for sex toys. The do contain phthalates and can be difficult to store as they will react with other jelly sex toys and can melt. They do have a strong rubbery smell and have a slightly synthetic taste.

Nu-skin or cyberskin is the material that is made to feel as realistic as possible; it warms up and even retains heat so it feels almost like the real thing. It is a porous material, so using condoms with sex toys made from nu-skin is really very advisable.

Metal is the perfect material for sex toys to be made from. It is sleek, holds the shape it is made into, lasts for years, has the same cold shock factor as glass toys and is compatible with all lubricants. Just don’t leave them out in the sun.


Adult lubes

How To Choose The Right Sex Lube

Lubricants are one of the most important parts of using sex toys as part of sex, especially sex toys that are inserted into the anus. Sex toys and condoms often require a little bit of extra lubrication to stop them from causing unnecessary pain or injury. Not only this but some lubricants can be used to prevent ejaculation so that sex can last longer and even be used to enhance the pleasure of sex with things like tingle or warming lubricants that can be applied to provide extra stimulation to both partners.

1. Water Based Lubes

Water based lube is a natural lubricant that is easy to clean, water-soluble and is absorbed by the skin, it does mean it isn’t sticky like silicone based lubricant, but it can mean that it dries up too quickly and you need to reapply it during sex. It’s compatible with all condoms though can contain glycerine which can cause infections in women, but not all water-based lubricants have this draw back.

2. Silicone Lubes

Silicone based lubes last longer than water-based ones. They tend to be a thinner lubricant but they last much longer as they aren’t so easily absorbed. They are harder to clean up and do contain more chemicals, but they mean that you shouldn’t have to stop sex in order to reapply.

3. Anal Lube

Anal lubricants are almost essential when having anal sex or using anal sex toys to avoid tearing and bleeding. There are plenty of household creams like Vaseline that are great anal lubricants if you aren’t using condoms, however if you are then using a water-based lubricant is always much more advisable than any other due to the way it can be easily absorbed into the skin.

4. Arousal Lubricants

Arousal lube come in two different types. One is designed to increase sexual excitement and intensive orgasm and the other is designed to delay the point of orgasm to make sex last longer and improve the intensity of orgasm. They are water based and some are even massage lotions as well as lubricants to bring even more sensual pleasure to sex.

5. Vaginal Lubricants

Vaginal lubricants are there to stop women and men experiencing pain during sex that can be caused by a lack of sexual arousal or even age. Vaginal lubricants are there as a temporary fix to a lack of natural lubricant and are applied to the vagina and vulva before sex and can even be applied to the penis as well if you are worried that it will dry out before you finish.

6. Flavoured Lubes

Flavoured lubricants these are great for helping make oral sex much more fun. They come in a wide variety of different flavours including strawberry, cherry, tangerine and even pina colada. They are water based and are perfectly safe to use with condoms.

7. Natural And Med Lubes

Natural and med lubes are hypoallergenic and great for people who suffer from allergic reactions to silicone based lubricant. Things like coconut oil and olive oil are two great natural lubricants that can be used; however there are a growing number of oil-based and water-based natural lubricants that don’t contain lots of chemicals, won’t feed thrush, don’t leave a tacky, sticky substance behind or an oily residue that is hard to wash off.

Beginner's Anal Sex Guide

Preparation for the anal sex is the key element to in order to relax and enjoy the experience. You may want to start by taking a shower or bath first. It will relax your muscles and prepare you for the experience. 

1. Cleaning

You may wish to use an anal douche or insert a finger into the anus to gently clean it but you shouldn't use strong soaps which may irritate the anal canal. A sharp nail can also cause internal scratches, bleeding and unnecessary pain. Make sure that your nails are in order.

2. Choosing Anal Lube

The key to anal sex is a great lube. If you are using toys, you will need to use only a high quality water lubricant, or water-based lubes specially designed for anal sex. If you aren't using toys, then an silicone lube is ideal for anal sex. Anal Silicone lubes contain special ingredients to make the whole experience pleasurable and relaxing. They aren't absorbed by the body, keeping that smooth feel for a long time. For most women, the thicker the silicone lube, the better.

3. How To Apply The Anal Lube?

You apply the lube to an anal sex toy, finger or penis to penetrate the anus. You can apply a bit to the outside of the anus as well. The anus has no natural lubricant, so make sure you apply enough for a comfortable experience. First start by inserting the finger into the anus. You can gently try twisting it or pulling the finger in and out. You may try to insert two fingers and play a bit. Before inserting anything large like a penis or full size dildo, make sure your partner is fully warmed up. A penis must be fully erect before entering the anus.

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