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Pleasure Aid Lexicon

Sex Toy Dictionary 

In this section we are going to be taking a look at sex toys and self-pleasure aids that are available, with new products being developed all the time it can be hard to keep up. With the development of these products and the variety that falls under the broader headings of items such as vibrators, dildos and cock rings; it is hard sometimes to know exactly what you are buying, or at other times exactly what you need in order to satisfy yourself or your partner. This dictionary is designed to help inform consumers as to which products are available, what each of the different products is designed for and how to use them.

1.    Anal Sex Toys

The category of anal sex toys covers a variety of sex aids that are designed to create arousal as well as being able to enhance pleasure at the point of orgasm when inserted into the anus. Most of them are suitable to be used by either gender and though they are considered to be a kinky; they are not a fetish but are often involved in different fetishes such as ass worship, spanking and anal sex.

a.     Anal vibrators

Something for men and women to enjoy, there are three different kinds of anal vibrators. Vibrating probes are smaller than vagina probes and butt plugs, roughly the size of a finger and flared at the end so they don’t get lost during play. These are a great toy for those who are new to experimenting with sex toys as they are designed to slide and vibrate. Vibrating anal plugs are designed to be inserted and stay inside during sex, vibrating to enhance pleasure for you or your partner during sex and can create multiple orgasms. Vibrating anal beads are different again, beads vibrating on the connecting cord to increase pleasure during sex, the vibration of the beads can be set to different speeds for those who enjoy controlling the pleasure of their partners.

b.     Anal plugs

Flared at the end so they don’t get lost during play, anal plugs are like dildos in design, just shorter. There are some butt plugs that can inflate, creating heightened sensations of pleasure as they are inflated and deflated inside the anus. Some are also designed to simulate ejaculation by squirting water into the anus. There is also a series of anal plugs that are designed to stimulate and cause erections in men. For those who enjoy human pony or animal sex games, there are butt plugs that have long hair or other materials attached so they can be inserted creating pleasure whilst enhancing the role play. Rigged anal plugs can be slide in and out, like dildos, to create pleasure and orgasm as well as lockable anal plugs that can be left in for long periods of time.

c.     Anal beads/Geisha

Anal beads are often used by the more adventurous pleasure seekers, the size of beads measuring 25mm all the way up to 125mm in diameter for those who really want to experiment with them. They are connected together with the beads steadily increasing in size on the string with a ring at the end so that when pleasure reaches its climax they can be pulled out, the speed depends on what you find more pleasurable or if you are using them to enhance orgasm. You can get beads on different strings, the more rigid ones can be inserted all in one go; the more flexible strings allow the beads to be forced in one at a time – ideal for dominators in sex games.

d.     Anal Kits

Anal kits are a great way for those who have a partner that is new to anal sex play or if you are expanding your use of sex toys and want to try some different toys to find out what it is you find most pleasurable in anal sex toys. Containing a variety of anal plugs and vibrators, they start off small so that you can gradually work your way up to bigger sizes at your own pace, or even using them in different combinations to see what it is you enjoy.


2.    Vibrators

The female sex aid comes in such a wide range of shapes, sizes and materials that it can be hard to know what is going to be the best one for you to use. Many people have a stigma against vibrators which has actually come out of their use in pornography rather than anything else. Interestingly, vibrators were the fifth household appliance to be electrified in 1902 for home use, but prior to this the idea of the vibrator was used as a medical treatment for women suffering from hysteria and were even advertised in mainstream women’s magazines, powered in some cases by steam.

a.     Conventional vibrators

Conventional vibrators are recommended by sex therapists to women who are struggling to reach a point of orgasm either by masturbation or through sex. They tend to be shaped like a penis and are little more than vibrating dildos so they can be used for enhancing sexual pleasure or they can be used for solo pleasure.  They tend to be used for vaginal penetration, but they can be used for simulating oral sex and anal penetration too. They are popular because of the range of sizes they come in both in length and girth with some that are ridged to increase the pleasure you experience.

b.     Clitoral vibrators

From the name it is easy to tell that they are designed to simulate women and are really very powerful vibrators. They tend to be small in design and some are even sold as “back massagers”. Popular designs in clitoral vibrators include large human tongues; these can be extremely helpful if you or your partner doesn’t enjoy providing oral sexual stimulation. They are normally powered by batteries and come with a variety of speeds. There are three main types that clitoral vibrators fall into, external, clitoral and G-spot and those that are designed to be inserted into the vagina to provide clitoral stimulation but will also provide vagina stimulation.

c.     Egg vibrators

These vibrators are very, very small and general shaped liked a bullet, but saying this, they do come in different sizes though they don’t measure more than 3 inches in length. These are great vibrators to use because they are discreet, they can be inserted or used on the clitoris to stimulate women. They are sometimes inserted hours before sex e.g. before going out for dinner, this kinky practise is often used by couples who want to have sex in public places to heighten the pleasure the excitement gives or for women who find it hard to reach levels of arousal or a long time to orgasm.

d.     Rabbit vibrators

One of the clitoral vibrators that is also used to stimulate the G-spot is the” Rampant Rabbit”. They are designed to have the phallic shaped portion of the vibrator inserted into the vagina and the smaller clitoral stimulator remains outside. The size of them varies which can often be intimidating for male partners if they feel the rabbit is a bigger size than their equipment. Popular amongst women who want to control their own sexual pleasure, they are becoming more popular amongst couples who are looking to experiment – especially in dominator/submissive role play.

e.     G-spot vibrators

Similar to conventional dildo vibrators, G-spot vibrators tend to be slightly curved and often are coated with a soft substance that is not that different to jelly. They are designed to stimulate the G-spot in women and the prostate in men, the curve in the vibrator allowing for easier stimulation. The curve on the vibrator is greater towards the tip and can be used for stimulation with or without the vibrating function. They are a fun sex toy that can be used to help your partner reach the same state of arousal if you are more sexually responsive. They are used more for stimulation before sex rather than solo sexual pleasure.

f.      Hands-free/remote operated vibrators

Remote control vibrators are an essential sex toy for those who love to have their partner control their sexual pleasure or enjoy control the sexual pleasure of their partner. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes ranging from clitoral vibrators to vibrating strap-ons and even vibrating underwear. They are really handy items for solo sexual pleasure as well as for partner sex play. The vibrators can be inserted, turned on, the speed settings change on the remote and when you have orgasmed you can turn off the vibrator without having to remove it. Vibrating underwear are one of the more fun and discreet ways of using sex toys as foreplay during meals with the remote either in your pocket or in your partner’s possession.

g.     Vibrating duck and bathroom sex toys

Sex in the bath or shower is something that people see as being kinky and also quite difficult, however there are many different vibrators that have been designed to be waterproof to make sexual pleasure in the bathroom easier to obtain. Vibrating sponges with a single speed setting for either creating solo pleasure but also for enhancing pleasure whilst bathing with a partner. There are also toys such as the vibrating duck that are extremely powerful but can create high levels of sexual pleasure. The duck can be used by men and women on their own, or as part of foreplay before sex. The back of the duck is designed to be placed against the vagina or penis to reach a climax.


3.   Dildos

Dildos are generally the first thing that spring to most people’s minds when sex toys are mentioned. They come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, rigid and soft forms. There is a growing market for wooden dildos over any other type of dildo due to the texture of the wood under the varnish and the rigid nature of the dildo along with glass dildos for similar reasons. The use of dildos has been going on for hundreds of years with depictions in art, ancient Greek plays, the work of Johnson and Shakespeare. There is also a heavy emphasis on the use of dildos in different sexual fetishes.

a.     Conventional dildos

Designed to loosely resemble an erect penis and are used mostly for vagina and anal penetration. Anal dildos we have already looked at, vagina dildos do not have the same flared base as anal dildos as the risk of them becoming lost during play is much lower. They are safe to use for solo sexual pleasure, sex between partners and even are used when three or more people are involved. Conventional dildos are not just used for penetration, but are useful during foreplay, being run over the skin, used as gags, to stimulate the G-spot and also for prostate stimulation.

b.     Realistic dildos

Realistic dildos are perfect gifts for partners as they can be made to order with the measurements of your own penis. The preferred materials for realistic dildos is glass or wood due to the sensations that the smooth surfaces can create as well as the removal of the synthetic feel you can get with other materials. Realistic dildos are slightly curved, like a penis, and even have a tip. There are also a wide range of realistic dildos that are based on the penis’ of famous people and porn stars. The cheaper and more widely available realistic dildos tend to be made from silicone or latex and some even come with testicles attached to the base of the penis.

c.     Strap-on dildos

Strap-on dildos come in different varieties, some are merely a hardness that allow for a variety of dildos to be placed in them for use, others have a smaller dildo that can be inserted into the wearer’s body whilst they have the harness on.  Strap-ons are also not just designed to be worn on the crotch, some are made to strap to the thigh to allow for different angles of penetration as well as some that can be strapped to the arm, though these are less common. There are also some strap-ons that can be strapped to the chin to allow for vaginal penetration whilst engaging in oral sex. One variety of strap-on is also a gag so that the dildo comes out of the wearer’s mouth. The range of strap-ons available means that dildos can be used for oral sex, vaginal penetration and anal penetration during sex and even for creating pleasure on your own. They also allow for more creative positions during sex.

d.    Double end dildos

Double end dildos work as a see-saw for use between partners to share the pleasure as part of foreplay or as part of sexual fetishes. They are even used in threesomes where a man and two women are involved, the women sharing the dildo or even one of the women and the man sharing it.


4.   Sex toys for men

Sex toys for men are designed to be used more for the purpose of masturbation than for use with a partner, though this is not the case for all of them. It is often assumed that sex toys for men only mean that they are for use during gay sex; however the large number of masturbation toys, vagina simulators and inflatable dolls that can be found mean that they can be used by any man looking to satisfy himself with more creative methods than hands-on masturbation.

a.     For masturbation

Vibrating aids, eggs and stroker socks are just a few of the different masturbation toys that are available for men to use for their own pleasure. There are even stamina kits that are available to help men extend the time it takes before the reach their climax so that they can enjoy sex for longer.  Vibrating aids come in the form of sheaths that slip over the penis and vibrate or as simple overs that can be placed over the tip and vibrate on the tip of the penis for a more intense sensation.  Stroker socks are synthetic socks with separate suction chambers that slips over the penis to fit tightly, but not painfully to allow for a more concentrated feeling of pleasure when masturbating.

b.     Blow job simulator

Blow job simulators, such as deep throat in a can, are popular as gifts to men from partners that do not necessarily enjoy “giving” oral sex as well as being popular amongst men looking to satisfy themselves with more than hands-on masturbation. Blow job simulators are designed to fit and gently, but firmly grasp the penis. When the penis is inserted the suction feature can be turned on to stimulate the prostate in the same way that a blow job does with lubricant that is already inside the can. The effect of the lubricant combined with suction is almost as good as the real thing.

c.     Vagina simulators and famous porn star vagina simulators

There is a growing number of vagina simulators that are available including those that are designed to look like the vaginas of famous porn stars, perfect for fantasy sex. Vagina simulators are designed to be held in your hand whilst you pleasure yourself so you can either thrust or use your hand to simulate the action of sex. Some even come with a vagina and vibrating buttocks so that you have the option of dual entry as well as the pleasure of vibration. In order to use them you will need to use lubricant to stop the experience being painful and they are not always the most discreet to use due to their size and noise they create. However as a masturbation aid they are one of the best on the market for generating pleasure. Most are also waterproof so they can be used in the shower.

d.     Anal simulators and famous porn star anal simulators

Anal simulators are similar to vagina simulators, even those that are modelled on famous porn stars in the same way that vagina simulators are. The biggest difference between vaginal simulators and anal simulators is that anal simulators are much narrower so provide a much tighter and firm fit around the penis than you get with the vagina simulators. There are a smaller number of anal simulators available to buy meaning that the same variety of products isn’t there, but they do tend to be a much more discreet forms of fantasy masturbation aid than the vagina simulators are. They tend to be little more than a sock with ribbing down a narrow passage or a series of chambers in the same way that the blow job simulators are, but there are some prosthetic models that come with handles and even buttocks and the lower back.

e.     Inflatable dolls

Inflatable dolls have been around for a very long time and are still popular for simulating sex. They come in life-size, inflatable body parts as well as novelty inflatable animals. Inflatable body parts, such as the bottom, head and shoulders and vagina are popular because they are less awkward to store and more discreet to use. They still allow of the same feel of simulated sex, with the use of lubricant, otherwise it can be very painful. There are also inflatable torsos that have breasts and vaginas to allow for a more realistic feel without having the whole doll and equally some that come with breasts and penis’. Dolls based on porn stars and famous people are also available to buy for fantasy masturbation/sex and are even used in sex in couples.


5.   Cock Rings

Cock rings are a great sex toy for helping sex last much longer. They work by slipping onto the penis and are generally designed to be worn at the base of the penis. Cock rings act to slow the blood flow in the penis that means that men get to keep their erection longer. They are not only great for sex, but also for making masturbation last longer too. Some cock rings are designed to be worn to keep the foreskin continuously pulled back, others for fitting over the base of the penis and there are even some cock rings that are designed to fit over the penis and testicles. The advantage of wearing a cock ring over the testicles as well as the penis is that it intensifies the feeling of pleasure the wear receives at the point of orgasm.

a.     Conventional rings with vibrators

Cock rings that are also vibrators are designed to stimulate lots of different erogenous zones through the vibrations including the vagina, clitoris, vulva, anus, penis and testicles. The vibrators on cock rings tend to be very powerful, with a variety of different speed settings and even pulsing settings that are controlled on the ring. They are great for using during sex from the start or even introducing them just before the point of orgasm to make sex last longer. For those who are looking to experiment and are just starting out with sex toys, vibrating cock rings are one of the best sex toys that you can introduce as they can easily be incorporated into sex without making either partner feel inadequate.

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