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Couples Guide To Sex Toys

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How to talk to or introduce your partner to sex toys

Sex toys can be a hard topic to bring up with a new partner, especially if their experience in sex is much more limited than yours. It may be that you are wanting to experiment with sex toys after being in a long relationship to bring some new spice to the bedroom. Whatever the reason, just blurting out that you want to try sex toys may not be the best way to get a conversation started. Here are a few scenarios that you may try in order to bring up the subject, though they are not guaranteed to work, they are here for ideas.

1. Watching television and they are mentioned

Lots of tv series over the last few years have talked about and shown vibrators being used, the most famous being Sex in the City, but even in shows such as How I Met Your Mother they are mentioned and can be a really easy way to open up a conversation about sex toys. Asking a partner if they have ever used or bought a vibrator for someone else or even what their thoughts are on using sex toys whilst watching television can avoid any awkwardness or embarrassment that just stumbling out with questions over dinner.

2. Looking for new lingerie and stumble across sex toys

Lots of specialist lingerie shops on the high street and online lingerie sites also sell lots of sex toys and sex aids. If you or your partner is looking at lingerie on the internet then seeing links to dildos, vibrators or cock rings and asking them what they think of them, or even getting them to click on the links so you can laugh and joke about some of the more novelty based items is an easy way to bring up sex toys. This can even lead on to discussing other fantasies that you both have and which of the sex toys you want to incorporate into your sex life. In high street specialist shops, looking at things as simple as handcuffs with your partner can lead onto a similar conversation without it being awkward.

3. Trying to think of a wedding present/bridal shower gift

If you are too embarrassed to broach the subject of sex toys so openly then waiting until you are buying a novelty gift for friends could be the right time to bring up the topic. Buying them for a friend you know will appreciate them and asking your partner’s opinion on them is an excellent way to avoid having to fabricate a situation that can feel fairly forced if you aren’t confident in talking about sex toys.

4. Magazine left open at the sex toy adverts

Men’s and women’s magazines now have lots of different articles and adverts for different sex toys and even have online blogs about how different people have found using sex toys. Leaving an article page open on the computer for your partner to “happen” upon or a magazine open on a well-chosen page can be an easy way to get your partner to spark the conversation, especially when lots of the blog articles talk about sex toys being fun but no substitute for the real thing. Something that is very helpful if you’re worried your partner may be made to feel inadequate by the idea of using sex toys.

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